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NAFCU is leading the way in federal advocacy for credit unions. As you continue to provide essential financial services to your members, we'll continue to break down barriers for you on Capitol Hill.

2017 Testimonies

Testified Six Times So Far in 2017

In the first half of this year alone we've placed six member credit unions as witnesses in front of Congress to advocate for:

  • Access to a strong secondary mortgage market. Read more
  • Reducing regulatory burdens and modernizing credit union powers. Read more
  • Highlighting cybersecurity and data security concerns and solutions. Read more
  • Helping credit unions meet member business lending needs. Read more
  • Improving SBA access for credit unions. Read more
  • Creating new credit unions. Read more

Recent Achievements on the Regulatory Front

We've worked hard to ensure the regulators are working in the best interest of credit unions, including gains in:

  • Promoting the credit union difference to the Administration.
    The Treasury's Report on the Financial System included 31 specific recommendations from NAFCU.
  • Expanding credit union powers through NCUA.
    NCUA officially recognized federal credit unions' authority to issue and sell securities.
  • Fighting for a true risk-based capital system.
    We continue to raise credit union concerns with the RBC final rule resulting in a response from NCUA to revisit the risk-based capital regulation.
  • Achieving the most comprehensive field-of-membership reform in a decade.
    ncluded a number of NAFCU's long-sought recommendations.
  • Keeping the CFPB on their heels.
    Succeeding in delaying the release of several rules that would be harmful to credit unions and the agency reassessing several burdensome rules like the remittance rule and the mortgage servicing rules.

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With more than 200 (and counting) recent new members, it's clear that credit unions of all sizes, both federal and state-chartered, are realizing the value we provide. Our extreme member service sets us apart, and with a board comprised entirely of credit union CEOs, every decision made is based on the best interests of credit unions.

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