Musings from the CU Suite

Apr 14, 2016

Everyone can make a difference

Written by Anthony Demangone

Bear with me. This is another Penn State story.

Penn State has a mail center, and it is staffed by real USPS employees. About 48 years ago, the USPS hired Mike Herr to be one of its postal clerks.

Through the next 48 years, he became a phenomenon. Simply through his cheerful nature, permanent smile and a desire to engage and delight students, Mike Herr became Mike the Mailman.


How much did the students love Mike?

He recently retired from his job, and scores of my Penn State buddies noted his retirement on Facebook. Everyone had their "Mike the Mailman" story. And each one centered on his ability to make others around him smile. 

So here's to the others like Mike. No matter where they are, or what they do, they find a way to make a difference.

Happy retirement, Mike!