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Forest Man: A Lesson for All of Us

About 30 years ago, Jadav Payeng started planting trees.

He lives in India near a large island in the Brahamputra River. Flooding and other issues had turned the island into a "wasteland." 

Jadav didn't like what he saw, and like I said earlier, he started planting trees.

Thirty years later, his "forest" is twice as large as Central Park. It is now home to a huge array of wildlife. 

You can watch a 16-minute video of his story here. It is powerful. It could be useful for a staff meeting to show the power of perseverance. And an example of what one person can achieve. 


 NAFCU's annual conference is coming up this summer. Here are five great reasons to attend.

  1. We have a new format. Day two will have a number of shorter, hard-hitting talks from the main stage, followed by more in-depth workshops in the afternoon. Be a better leader. A better board. A better credit union. Or a better business. 
  2. Are you new to the industry? We'll have a workshop for volunteers to detail their role and how it fits into our industry.
  3. Networking opportunities will abound. Bring your business cards and get ready to share ideas. 
  4. Seattle. It is ranked as the No. 2 city to live in. The second best tech city. The most growth. It is beautiful in its own right and is also a great launching point for trips into the Northwest and Canada.
  5. Fun. We work in a great industry. We live in a great country. Work hard, and play hard. The week will be full of information and dialogue. But it will also be fun. Jeff Foxworthy will perform, and there are plenty of wonderful restaurants and attractions to visit.

For more details, go here. I hope to see you there!


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