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Your very own Carrie Hunt, head of NAFCU's Government Affairs, testified on your behalf before the Senate Banking Committee this week. As usual, she did a fantastic job.

And what a week! I see flowers growing, baseball is back, and college basketball is in full swing. Have a great, great weekend, everyone. 

  • Apple is getting into the credit card game. (NAFCU Today)
  • Almost half of older Americans have nothing saved for retirement. (Bloomberg)
  • Dissolve it. (Godin)
  • A 16-year old young woman takes action and helps a homeless man get back on his feet. (Goodnewsnetwork)
  • Nobody goes there's too crowded. (ShepHyken)
  • Some thoughts on deposit flight risk. (FB)
Carrie Hunt

Carrie Hunt, Testifying this week. 

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