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I'm off to visit Colonial Williamsburg this weekend with the family. I almost can't believe I'm saying this, but I've been in Virginia since 1996 and haven't visited it before. Well, this weekend will fix that problem.  And then it is on to Key West for NAFCU's CEOs and Senior Executive's Conference. I'm looking forward to speaking to everyone to learn what is keeping them up at night. (Both the good and bad.)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

- Anthony

  • Cities are getting bike mayors. (FastCoI've always liked this idea. Organizations serve many constituencies. Who looks out for a particular niche? What niche needs a mayor at your credit union?
  • Does your credit union have a presence on social media? If so, this may be worthwhile. How to win followers and influence people on social media. (ForbesAnd here's a good blog post on social media compliance issues. (NAFCU Compliance Blog)
  • What kind of online fraud is growing the fastest? (Priceonomics). There are some really good charts in here. 
  • A trustee walks into a credit union...a great blog post on Trusts and Field of Membership. (NAFCU Compliance Blog)
  • The new CEO's dilemma. (McKinsey)
  • There's no excuse why your FI can't embrace digital transformation. (FB)
  • Trail magic can be a gift that you receive. But it also is a gift that you can give. Kudos to these young men. (Good News NetworkTrail magic is a term used on the Appalachian Trail - it is an unexpected gift from a stranger or some bit of good luck that seems to appear when needed most.)
  • I stumbled upon this. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have access to a ton of good books as part of the membership. (Amazon) I'm currently reading The Undoing Project
  • Tesla predicts that its cars will also be autonomous taxis when not in use by the owner. Would that change the nature of a car loan made to finance a Tesla?  (Recode)

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