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Apologies, but here comes a shameless plug.

We're seeing a trend at our regulatory compliance schools - more and more non-compliance executives are attending.

I think it makes sense. Compliance touches on every aspect of a credit union. If you want to run a credit union, or you have compliance reporting to you - understanding the regulatory landscape facing credit unions is a must.

Sound logical? Then consider coming to our Summer Regulatory Compliance School in Minneapolis in August.   You don't have to sit for the exams - quite a few executives audit the coursework.  It will add a solid bullet to anyone's resume! Use code REGSCHOOL by July 19 to save $300 off the regular price. 

  • How a janitor at Frito Lay invented Flamin' Hot Cheetos. (The Hustle)
  • Eleven votes. (Godin)
  • Opinion: Many banks underestimate the urgency of digital transportation. (FB)
  • A chipmunk in traffic. (Leadership Freak)
  • Startup bank Aspiration is trying to be the anti-Wells Fargo. It's working. (CNN)

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