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Kate and Briggs come back from sleep-away camp today.  Back to reality, I guess.

The weekend is upon us. Let's make it a great one!  And enjoy this reads, hand-selected just for you. 

  • We humans are bad at judging risk. Here's a list of the 11 deadliest animals. Dogs and cows are ahead of sharks and crocodiles in the U.S. (BI) AD's noteCould be a good article to share to remind people the importance of risk management and truly understanding risk. 
  • Nike is launching a shoe subscription. (FastCoAD's noteJust a reminder that companies are looking at things from a new angle all the time. 
  • Different ways to be rich. (Wealth of Common Sense)
  • The "best" job in the U.S? Data Scientist. (Travelandleisure) AD's note: More and more CUs are looking for these folks. 
  • How to ignite a fire in others. (Leadership Freak)
  • The downside of possibility. (Godin)
  • A decent article on how self-driving cars can change the future.  (EntrepreneurAD's noteStill wonder how this will affect the lending market in the end. 
  • Robots making burgers. (BI
  • Mountain Dew unintentionally insulted the upper peninsula of Michigan. Their apology wowed the UP. (FastCo
  • Five ways credit unions can compete in credit cards. (FB)

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