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Do me a favor. Make sure your credit union takes part in NAFCU's Federal Reserve Survey.  The report summarizes our industry for the Fed, and we produce it for our annual meeting with one of the Fed Governors.  You can submit your answers online

Now, on to this week's reading pile!

  • Retail comeback? Target stock booms after a strong quarter. (BIAD's note: This story, and the next, remind me why it is good to often read a lot. One article may not tell the whole story. 
  • Many retailers have struggled during good times. What happens when a recession hits? (WashPost)
  • Building the intelligent FI of the future. (FB)
  • Most productive day of the week? Tuesday. (CBCAD's note: This study was done in Canada. That being said, I can't imagine that Canadian weeks are that far different than ours. 
  • A bank in Denmark is offering a negative interest rate on savings accounts for its wealthiest clients. (BI)
  • Ask a busy person. (Godin)
  • That Apple Titanium Card? Don't put it in our jeans pocket. Or a leather wallet. Or next to another card...(FinExtra)
  • Philly Fed state coincident indexes increased in 37 states. (Calculated Risk)
  • How to judge others. (Leadership Freak)
  • Confusing effort and performance with the outcome. (Godin)

Fifth grade!  

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