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Ah, March, my good friend. It is nice to see you. Your arrive means that I finally convinced February to leave.  And also because after you leave, my better friends of April, May, and June are nearing. 

Before we get on to the reads, I want to say thanks. I don't say it enough. You are special to us at NAFCU. If you don't believe it, just reply to this email and I'll tell you why. 

Now...on to this week's reading pile. 

  • Affirm and Walmart partner to offer point-of-sale loans. (Techcrunch)
  • What to say when you don't know what to say. A few of these are brilliant. (Austin Kleon)
  • FedEx is investing in a delivery robot that can climb your stairs. (FastCo)
  • 150 years of employment history. (Ritholtz)
  • How will people bank in the future? (Financial Brand)
  • How much leisure time is the right amount for happiness? About 2.5 hours a day it turns out. (The Atlantic)
  • More Americans are taking longer to pay off their credit-card debt. (MarketWatch)
  • Levi's hires its first Artificial Intelligence Officer. (Business Wire)
  • The first piece of tape. (Godin)

Have a great weekend, everyone.

- Anthony

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