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Your Credit Union Weekend Reading Pile, Courtesy of NAFCU

Compiled by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

Briggs had a swim meet this week. It is Briggs' first year, so he is one of the slower swimmers. 

His first event was the 50-meter freestyle. The timer assigned to his lane (lane three) was amazing. 

Sure, he could have just timed each swimmer. But he took it upon himself to be a cheerleader.

I saw him pump Briggs up before the race, and during the race, he kept on yelling. 

Come on, Briggs! Push it! Kick harder!

Briggs finished last but shaved 14 seconds off his best time.  The timer hooted and hollered, congratulating Briggs with a hug and a high-five. "A personal best by Briggs! Lane three is the place to be!"

Briggs was beaming. And so was I.

I love people like that. This weekend, I'm going to try to pass that on to someone else.

Now, on to this week's reading pile. 

  • How worried are people about retirement (The Big Picture)
  • The two biggest workplace no-nos? (FastCo)
  • People are quitting their jobs at the fastest rate since 2001. (MarketWatch)
  • Cheap shower curtains. (Godin)
  • Say hello to full employment. (The Atlantic)
  • If you say likely, how likely do people think it is? (HBR)
  • It now takes a record 31 days to fill a vacation job. (The Big Picture)

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