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Your Credit Union Weekend Reading Pile from NAFCU

Compiled by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

Life is full of cycles. One week leads to the next. One month leads to the next. Budget season rolls around again. 

That's why enthusiasm is so important. Is today just another day? Or is it an opportunity to be seized? I thought today about Mike the Mailman, and how he took a regular job and turned it into something magical.

The weekend is coming up. Make it count!

Speaking of weekends, here your weekend reading list from all of us at NAFCU.

  • This ad campaign by Clorox helped them gain an additional 2 million American households as customers.  (YouTube). Powerful. And something I think applies to us as well.  Might want to show this to your marketing peeps.
  • All cycles come to an end.  When will this one end? Two-thirds of economists are pointing to 2020. (Bloomberg)
  • This just in - the job market is still very tight. (Calculated Risk)
  • The myth of mirror magic. (Godin)
  • Different kinds of smart. (Collaborative Fund)
  • A century ago, the Spanish Flu killed 50 million people. And then we forgot about it. (Popular Science)

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