March 06, 2014

4Q map review: Loans up 16.7% in Idaho

March 7, 2014 – State-level data show loan and membership growth strongest in Idaho and Virginia during 2013, according to the NCUA Quarterly U.S. Map Review.

While credit union lending was up nationally 8 percent, annualized, NCUA's map review of state trends shows loans up 13.6 percent in each Iowa and Virginia and 16.7 percent in Idaho. By contrast, lending grew just 0.4 percent in Nevada and contracted 0.1 percent in Massachusetts.

Membership in credit unions, up 2.6 percent nationally last year, rose 8.1 percent and 8 percent in Idaho and Virginia, NCUA's map review shows.

In other results, the map review shows:

  • Return on average assets, totaling 78 basis points nationally, was 145 basis points in Utah and 116 basis points in Washington. ROAA was 26 basis points in Connecticut and 28 basis points in Washington, D.C.
  • Credit union assets, up 3.9 percent nationally, grew 8.8 percent in Idaho, 6.6 percent in Iowa and 6.4 percent in New Hampshire. Assets declined 2 percent in Massachusetts (where one large credit union converted to a bank) and 0.4 percent in New Jersey.
  • The loan delinquency rate, 1 percent nationally, was 0.8 percent in Georgia, 0.7 percent in Colorado and 0.5 percent in New Hampshire. It was 2.1 percent in Delaware, 2 percent in New Jersey and 1.7 percent in Nevada.