June 23, 2014

ECUM survey: CFPB 'grab bag'

June 24, 2014 – NAFCU members have until June 30 to submit responses to the association's current Economic & CU Monitor survey, which asks about members' views on CFPB's consumer complaint hotline and written legal guidance.

In this month's survey, titled "CFPB Grab Bag," NAFCU is asking what members think of the responsiveness of CFPB's consumer complaint hotline and the level of confidence a credit union's management team has in the advice received from the complaint line. There are also questions about the lack of written legal guidance from the bureau and whether NCUA examiners have contradicted CFPB guidance received by a credit union.

The current survey also has questions about student loans, the Justice Department's Operation Choke Point program, prepaid cards and remittances.

The NAFCU economic and research team reports on survey responses in the Economic & CU Monitor, which gives NAFCU members a glimpse of trends affecting the credit union industry as a whole. Survey results are used in NAFCU's advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill and with regulatory agencies such as NCUA, CFPB and the Federal Reserve.

Members can fill out the survey online or email their responses to