May 14, 2014

Webcast: CUs learn mortgage advertising challenges

May 15, 2014 – Steve Van Beek guided webcast attendees through the intricacies of mortgage advertising rules in a NAFCU webcast on Wednesday, focusing on how different rules apply to different products and different forms of advertising.

Van Beek, an attorney with Howard & Howard and former vice president of regulatory compliance at NAFCU, discussed how advertising can come in many formats – from print to radio to videos on YouTube or marketing flyers.

"If we're writing a blog post on our credit union's blog about homebuyer's tips, we should start thinking about, ‘Is that an advertisement?'" Van Beek said.

Van Beek said "trigger terms" are tricky because of the vague nature of the rules issued by regulators. "It's not straightforward," he said. "There's not a list of seven terms that are ‘trigger terms.'" Van Beek also explained how rules change for home equity lines of credit versus closed-end mortgage loans.

The webcast will be available on-demand for a year. NAFCU has a compendium of resources about CFPB mortgage rules compliance on its website, including information about final rules, blog posts, articles and webcasts.