October 16, 2020

This week in Compliance: ARM advertisements, nonmember CTRs

complianceAs credit unions work to meet the needs of more than 122 million Americans during the coronavirus pandemic, NAFCU's award-winning Regulatory Compliance Team continues to keep credit unions informed with new posts on the Compliance Blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Here’s a roundup of Compliance Blog posts from this week:

Additional Rate Disclosures for ARM Advertisements: NAFCU's award-winning compliance team receives many questions about advertisements and trigger terms related to closed-end mortgage loans. NAFCU Regulatory Compliance Counsel David Park details adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) and an additional disclosure that may be triggered depending on the content of an advertisement.

Do We Need to File a CTR for Nonmembers?: In today's blog, NAFCU's Nick St. John breaks down aggregating transactions for a currency transaction report. St. John, NAFCU's regulatory compliance counsel, discusses the additional challenges that are presented if the person conducting the transaction is a nonmember and reviews guidance from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

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