Credit Card Compliance Course

Online access to everything you need to know about credit card requirements

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Credit CARD Act, which created disclosures and notices with very strict requirements, so you can meet NCUA expectations for credit card practices.

This online training course is only available with the Online Compliance Training Subscription.

This online training contains 22 modules:

  1. Stack of credit cardsIntroduction – Credit CARD Act & Regulation Z


  1. Application & Solicitation Disclosures
  2. Account Opening Disclosures
  3. Periodic Statements

Change-in-Terms and Limitations on Increases

  1. Change-in-Terms Notices
  2. Right to Reject, Delinquency Notices and Renewal Notices
  3. Limitations on Increasing APRs or Fees
  4. Temporary Rate or Fee Exception
  5. Variable Rate Exception
  6. Advance Notice Exception
  7. Delinquency Exception
  8. Workout and SCRA Exceptions
  9. Protected Balances

Special Credit Card Rules

  1. Ability to Pay
  2. Accepting Payments
  3. Allocation of Payments
  4. Limitation on Fees
  5. Over the Limit Fees
  6. College Credit Cards
  7. Credit Card Agreements
  8. Reevaluation of APR Increases
  9. Right of Offset