Financial Data-Driven Engagement Platform

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Personetics is the global leader in financial data-driven personalization, member engagement, and advanced money management capabilities for financial institutions. We are creating the future of “Self-Driving Finance,” where credit unions act on their members’ behalf to improve their financial wellness. Our data analytics solutions harness members’ financial transaction data to provide day-to-day actionable insights, personalized recommendations, product-based financial advice, and automated financial wellness programs. Personetics serves over 85 financial institutions spanning 30 global markets, reaching 120 million customers. Learn more at 

Products and Services

  • Personetics Enrich offers an AI-based solution to clean, categorize, and enrich your members' financial transaction data. Create a superior member experience and effective cross-sell targeting. Learn more.

  • Personetics Engage harnesses your members' financial transaction data with predictive analytics to deliver proactive, personalized insights and advice. Educate your members about their finances and empower them to reach their financial goals. Learn more.

  • Engage also includes industry-leading Carbon Footprint Tracking capabilities. Show your members how to understand the carbon emissions of everyday purchases, reduce their spending on carbon-intensive categories, and save for climate-friendly financial goals. Learn more.

  • Want to create your own customized insights in-house? Our Engagement Builder is a low-code management tool that gives your team the ability to quickly design, develop and deploy new insights without custom development costs. Learn more.

  • Personetics Act helps your credit union create "Self-Driving Finance" by acting on your members' behalf to improve their finances with automated, self-adjustable programs. Help your members save money, manage debt, or begin to invest, with programs like Pay Yourself First, Smart Budgets, and Automated Savings that moves money multiple times per month with intelligent transfers based on the member's cash flow. Learn more.

  • Connect your credit union with the emerging capabilities of Open Banking and Open Finance. With your members’ permission, Personetics can help your CU pull data together in real time across multiple sectors and external accounts to get a holistic view of your members’ financial lives, recommend relevant advise and products, and support your members’ financial wellness on a more advanced level. Learn more.

  • Personetics Assist is an AI-driven chatbot solution that uses Natural Language Understanding fine-tuned for financial services. Assist helps your members with personalized, contextual and timely support, and is the only digital self-service solution built specifically for the financial services industry. Learn more.