New TRID Rule

Get an in-depth review of the CFPB's recent update to the TRID final rule. This session will look at the TRID fix, and operational challenges to compliance with the updated rule.

Contracting with Purpose

Third-party vendors and contracts bring both risks and opportunities to credit unions. This session will provide actionable take-always to implement a better vendor management program, and gain more confidence going into future negotiations.

Communication Strategies to Keep Your Sanity

Have you ever spoken to other teams in your credit union and they look at you like you have spoken a brand new language? "Compliance Language" will provide helpful tips and tricks to communicate more effectively with your follow teammates.

General Compliance Checkmates Major Disaster

Do you have the proper pieces in place to pass compliance examiner scrutiny? The Consumer Compliance Rating System (CCRS) has received a makeover and now more closely aligns with risk-based, tailored examination approaches. Examiners have moved from transaction testing to a more principals-based approach in assessing your compliance management system (CMS). This session will cover how your credit union can demonstrate its compliance with regulatory requirements and prevent consumer harm.

2016 Mortgage Servicing Rules - Successors in Interest and Borrowers in Bankruptcy

Successors in interest and bankruptcy protections have taken on a whole new compliance challenge with respect to their status under the mortgage servicing rules. This session will examine how to ensure your collections team is in compliance.

Collections for Credit Unions: FDCPA & Bankruptcy Basics

Collections issues have been on the forefront of the CFPB and plaintiff's attorneys. This session will provide a breakdown of common compliance issues credit unions face, and how to ensure compliance.

Regulation CC

Regulation CC is changing. This in-depth session will review the new changes, and examine the operational issues credit unions will face in order to be in compliance.

Social Media Advertising and Website Risks

Does your credit union have a Twitter account? Does the credit union advertise loan products on Facebook? Do you even know if you are engaged on social media? This session will provide guidance to social media advertising and common website risks.

The New Frontier: Compliance and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has been one of the hottest compliance issues for the past three years. From the CAT tool, to firewalls, to Pen tests, cybersecurity has a language all its own. This session will provide an excellent overview of how to speak it!

Implementing the CAT

Now that you have the cybersecurity language down, it is time to tackle implementing the CAT tool within your credit union. The CAT tool will be the corner stone of NCUA cyber exams, this session will provide the how-to on utilizing this powerful tool.

MLA - Where Are We Now?

MLA – Where are we now? As credit unions prepare for MLA to apply to credit cards, the rule's ambiguities continue to pose operational problems. Learn how to tackle these challenges and discuss the prospects for additional guidance or reform of the MLA rules.

Complaint Tracking and Management

From NCUA to plaintiff’s attorneys, members will have many opportunities to vent their frustrations. Don’t let those complaints turn into bigger headaches. This session will provide the essential how-to's for implementing a complaint tracking system.

HMDA and Fair Lending - Preparing for your Examinations

NCUA uses a number of factors to determine whether a credit union demonstrates the potential for higher fair lending risk, which could lead to a separate fair lending exam. One of the factors NCUA looks at is a credit union's Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) reports. With all of the changes to HMDA, your risk could be greater than ever.  This in-depth session will look at the final HMDA rule, compliance obligations, and common Fair Lending compliance challenges and best practices to ensure you are ready for your next NCUA exam.

NCUA & CFPB Regulatory Update

What is new with the NCUA and CFPB? This session from NAFCU's Regulatory Affairs team will provide an overview of what is happening at the agencies and what to expect in 2018.