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The future of financial services belongs to the brands that combine technology with human connection to create amazing member experiences.

Financial services is in our DNA. Total Expert is the only experience platform built for and trusted by industry leaders in banking, credit unions, and mortgage companies. Credit unions can use Total Expert to improve onboarding, increase member retention, grow acquisition, reduce abandonment, drive productivity, and expand products per household.

We help credit unions remove gaps in their member experience, build loyalty, and create members for life.

Products and Services

  • Deliver consistent brand communications across all channels from a single dashboard that manages and monitors marketing for your entire organization. 

  • Build, customize, and deploy authentic member-experience workflows and campaigns at scale with personalized email, social media, and SMS automation.  

  • Bring high-converting digital and print marketing materials to life in minutes with drag-and-drop tools and expert-designed templates for the financial services industry.

  • Eliminate duplicated outreach efforts, prioritize hot opportunities, and get a clear, comprehensive view of every member so you can connect, human-to-human. 

  • Put your regulatory compliance on autopilot with one-click reporting and tracking tools and have peace-of-mind that your marketing materials always stick to industry standards 

  • Total Expert Now is a lightweight, rapid-to-deploy version of our product that includes email, video email, campaigns, and tools ready-made for credit unions to communicate in crisis and build trust with members.

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