NAFCU is the only trade association focused solely on the needs of federal credit unions.

Mission: Education, Advocacy and Advancement for Credit Unions


The National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) is a direct membership association committed to representing, assisting, educating and informing its member credit unions and their key audiences. Founded in 1967, NAFCU is an independent voice in Washington, focusing exclusively on the needs and issues of federal credit unions. NAFCU's specific, overriding purpose: to directly shape the laws and regulations under which federal credit unions operate.


Since its founding, NAFCU has been a highly effective advocate for federal credit unions. NAFCU achieved its first major victory for its members in 1970, when federal share insurance for federal credit unions (the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund) was enacted. In the early 1990s, NAFCU stood alone in defending the structure and operations of the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Other trade groups, regulators and even the White House advocated major changes in the fund, but NAFCU successfully defended it. Protecting the insurance fund was a major victory for NAFCU's members, maintaining the fund's record of being the strongest federal deposit insurance program in the nation and a shining example of the safety and soundness of credit unions.

Ongoing Work

Since this historic achievement, NAFCU has fought for other notable goals, including:

  • preserving the federal income tax exemption for federal credit unions
  • expanding powers for credit unions (including previous successes in attaining mortgage lending, share drafts, and variable-rate accounts)
  • establishing capital requirements that are legally, financially and operationally viable
  • reducing regulatory burden on credit unions
  • expanding field of membership opportunities for credit unions
  • creating federal data security standards for merchants

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