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Feb 09, 2018

5 C's every leader needs


There is a big difference between leaders who are truly great and those who skate by or overly rely on their titles. Leaders who are great are easy to identify – they leave a lasting mark on their organizations and the people who work for them.

"[O]rganizations with the highest-quality leaders are 13 times more likely to outperform the competition in a variety of key metrics, including customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and overall financial performance," writes Leadership guru Peter Economy.

He says these high-quality leaders all share these five C's of leadership:

1. Charismatic. Really great leaders are outgoing and enthusiastic – naturally drawing people to them. It is clear that these kinds of leaders truly enjoy their jobs.

2. Convincing. Great leaders are persuasive and can get others onboard with their views.

3. Credible. "Great leaders are honest, and they refuse to compromise their integrity," Economy writes.

4. Capable. All great leaders are very good at what they do.

5. Creative. Part of being a great leader means problem solving and finding new opportunities.

Not only easy to remember but also easy to put into practice, these habits can get us all on our way to becoming great leaders and furthering the success of our organizations and teams.

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