About Us

Our Mission: To strengthen credit unions by providing the best federal advocacy, education and compliance assistance in the industry

The National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions (NAFCU) is a direct membership association for federally-insured credit unions. We are committed to representing, assisting, educating and informing our member credit unions to help them grow, and help grow the credit union industry. And to us, it’s personal.

Members of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and NAFCU voted to approve the merger to form America’s Credit Unions. America’s Credit Unions will legally be formed January 1, 2024, and aim to be fully operational by early 2025. This merger is a historic opportunity to transform credit union advocacy at the federal and state levels and take the industry into the future. The new association will bring together the best of both organizations to offer exceptional services to credit unions so they can best serve families and small businesses across America.

Questions about membership? Please contact our top membership executive Catherine Porterfield at cporterfield@nafcu.org or 703.842.2209.

Our Values:

  • Passion
  • Excellence
  • Member-Driven

Our Beliefs: We believe in credit unions

  • We believe that credit unions are the best option for consumers. Period.
  • We believe credit unions deserve the absolute best in advocacy, education and compliance assistance.
  • We believe in being responsive, accessible and providing above-and-beyond service for our members. Every. Single. Day.
  • We believe our members deserve an association that is responsible, efficient and effective when spending their dues dollars.
  • We are not just a trade association. We believe in credit unions and their mission. And to us, it’s personal.

Our Promise: ACE

We provide ACE: unwavering federal Advocacy, award-winning Compliance assistance, and top-rated Education. All designed to help your credit union grow and thrive. So if you hunger to make your credit union the best financial institution possible, we’re ready to help you accomplish your goals.

Our Evolution

In 1967, a group of hard-charging credit union CEOs pushed the envelope. They had to grow, and they needed an association that would help. So they created NAFCU–an aggressive association forged with equal parts expertise, political savvy and boldness.

Since its founding, our small, but agile association has been a highly effective advocate for credit unions at the federal level. We were the first credit union trade association to set up shop in the Washington D.C. area, and we’ve crossed many milestones since our first major victory in 1970, when the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) was enacted. We were the sole (and successful) defender of the NCUSIF in the early 1990s when regulators and the White House were advocating for major change to it, and we were the only trade association to oppose the CFPB's authority over credit unions when the agency was formed (a stance we keep to this day as we fight to reduce the agency's burdensome impact on credit unions).

Over the years we have been able to build on our foundation, growing stronger with our members and steadfast in our beliefs and focus: providing unwavering federal advocacy, award-winning compliance assistance, and top-rated education—all paired with extreme responsiveness. Why? Because we believe credit unions are the best and they deserve the best.

Our Team: Always here for you

What makes NAFCU who we are is the team that stands behind it. Led by our dynamic leadership team, our hardworking staff of just 70 builds direct connections and lasting relationships with our members. We’re here to help your credit union grow stronger. And to us, it’s personal. Give us a shout anytime.

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