Data & Tools

Our research team delivers up-to-date data and research related to credit union industry trends, performance monitoring and the economy


Curt Long,
NAFCU Chief Economist and VP of Research

Your Participation in Research is Critical to Advocacy Efforts

Our monthly surveys of NAFCU member credit unions provide meaningful data for our reports that you can use to benchmark against your geographic and asset level peers. These survey results are also critical to NAFCU's advocacy efforts on your behalf to federal agencies, such as NCUA, CFPB and the Federal Reserve. Your participation helps us help you!

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Benchmark and Research Tools

There are numerous data points critical to managing your credit union operations and measuring its results, trends and opportunities. NAFCU member credit unions can access custom quarterly reports and helpful capital management calculators to help weed through the data and get a clear view of where your credit union stands.

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Data Sources

We use a variety of data sources to compile the most accurate and relevant research and tools for you to better manage your credit union and stay on top of industry and economic trends.

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