2022 Advocacy Priorities

NAFCU works directly with our credit union members to bring important issues to lawmakers and regulators alike. As we work toward meaningful legislative and regulatory changes in 2022, our commitment to stand up for our members is stronger than ever. 

We’ll continue to tell your stories and take the right positions on issues—even when others back down. Because to us, it’s personal. We’ll stop at nothing to ensure a legislative and regulatory environment that promotes viability and growth for credit unions.

Here are some of the things we’re working tirelessly on in 2022. Download a summary of NAFCU’s 2022 Advocacy Priorities.

Growth IconGrowth

Pressing for legislation and regulation that helps credit unions grow membership, loans and retained earnings.

Working for you to:

NAFCU 2022 Priorities - Regulatory Relief IconTechnology & Innovation

Supporting innovation so credit unions can use developing technologies to provide the latest products and services, and better compete in the marketplace.

Working for you to:

  • Encourage NCUA to foster strong fintech partnerships to help credit unions provide the products and services your members want and need
  • Support credit unions’ ability to provide custodial services for digital assets and utilize blockchain technology
  • Adopt fast, real-time payments implementation to meet changing member expectations and competitive demands

NAFCU 2022 Priorities - Fair Market IconRegulatory Relief

Reducing regulatory burden through targeted rulemaking and clear rules of the road.

Working for you to:

  • Remove the CFPB’s examination and enforcement powers over credit unions
  • Retain the NCUA Board’s three-member, bipartisan board structure
  • Oppose efforts to place new restrictions on lending and credit reporting that can threaten credit unions’ ability to meet the needs of your members

NAFCU 2022 Priorities - Fair Market IconFair Market

Fighting back against meritless banker attacks and ensuring under-regulated market participants do not have an unfair advantage.

Working for you to:

  • Ensure all lenders are following the same rules of the road and are protecting consumers by making fintechs, predatory payday lenders and other non-regulated entities subject to oversight
  • Hold third-party application providers accountable for fraud
  • Remove or modify the member business lending cap to provide economic stimulus without costing taxpayers

NAFCU 2022 Priorities - Data and Protection IconData Protection

Encouraging federal standards for data privacy and data security that recognize existing regulatory requirements for credit unions.

Working for you to:

  • Support appropriate but not excessive examinations of credit union cybersecurity and data protection processes
  • Ensure retailers pay their share for costs associated with data breaches
  • Oppose efforts to expand interchange caps or other payment restrictions on credit unions
  • Establish a federal data privacy standard that aligns with NAFCU’s principles on protecting consumers and harmonizing existing laws

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