Ask NAFCU Compliance

As a NAFCU member, your credit union staff has direct access to NAFCU's Compliance Team for assistance with federal compliance issues. We are here to help.

NAFCU members have direct access to our distinguished regulatory compliance team. If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us. We strive to answer compliance issues within one business day and we often respond much faster.

Need compliance assistance? We're here to help.

You can email our staff at or call the compliance helpline at (877) 623-2887

Meet the Compliance Team

Nick St. John, NAFCU Regulatory Compliance Counsel

Nick St. John, NCCO, NCBSO
Director of Regulatory Compliance
703-842-2232 |
Rebecca Tetreau, NCCO, NCBSO
Senior Regulatory Compliance Counsel
703-842-2241 |
 NAFCU-Ketih-Schostag - NAFCU-Regulatory-Compliance
Keith Schostag, NCCO, NCBSO
Senior Regulatory Compliance Counsel
703-842-2222  |
 NAFCU-Justin White - NAFCU-Regulatory-Compliance
Justin White, NCCO
Regulatory Compliance Counsel
 NAFCU-JaMonika Williams - NAFCU-Regulatory-Compliance
JaMonika Williams
Regulatory Compliance Counsel
Tara Simpson, NCCO
Regulatory Compliance Counsel
703-842-2249 |