NAFCU Credit Union Policy Podcast

Welcome to the NAFCU Credit Union Policy Podcast (CUPP) with host Ann Petros, NAFCU’s Vice President of Regulatory Affairs.

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Ann will take you inside what’s going on in Washington D.C.—so you can hear where lawmakers and regulators stand on key issues and what they’re working on next. She’ll discuss what your credit union should be focused on in terms of risk areas, potential opportunities for innovation and the changing tech landscape.

Grab your coffee, or favorite beverage, and tune in with us as we explore these topics and much more!

CUPP Episodes

CUPPEpisode 8: Funding Fiasco: The Future of the CFPB

Released November 8, 2022 |  Join John Coleman, Partner at Buckley, LLP and former Deputy General Counsel at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for a discussion on the decision from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which held that the CFPB is unconstitutionally funded. John delves into what this decision means for your institution and what to expect next from the CFPB.

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CUPPEpisode 7: Exploring the Risks and Benefits of BNPL Products for Your Credit Union

Released October 20, 2022 |  Join Paul Davis, Director of Market Intelligence at Strategic Resource Management (SRM) in a discussion about Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) products and why exploring options to provide a BNPL product may be right for you and your members.

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CUPPEpisode 6: Climate Change Fears - Assessing Risk in the Housing Marketing

Released September 30, 2022 | Join this sit down with Dan Coates, Deputy Director for the Division of Research and Statistics at the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), the regulator for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Home Loan Banks. Dan discusses climate change risk, what it means for the housing finance market, and how the FHFA is managing this evolving issue.

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CUPPEpisode 5: Discussing A Sticky Issue - Marijuana Banking and the SAFE Banking Act with Representative Perlmutter

Released September 8, 2022 | Special guest Representative Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) discusses his work on the SAFE Banking Act and the importance of federal clarity for marijuana banking. Rep. Perlmutter also reflects on the role of grassroots advocacy and his time in Congress as his retirement approaches at the end of this year.

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CUPPEpisode 4: All Things Appraisals with Freddie Mac’s Scott Reuter

Released September 1, 2022 | Explore Freddie Mac’s initiatives related to appraisal modernization and eliminating appraisal bias during this in-depth discussion with Scott Reuter, Chief Appraiser and Director of Valuation, Single Family, Mortgage Credit Risk Management, at Freddie Mac.

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CUPPEpisode 3: A Deep Dive into Digital Assets with NCUA Vice Chairman Kyle Hauptman

Released August 10, 2022 | Join this sit down with NCUA Vice Chairman Kyle Hauptman for an exploration of his thoughts surrounding digital assets and the underlying blockchain technology, the current regulatory and legislative landscape, and what your credit union needs to know about incorporating emerging technologies and offering members access to buy, sell, and hold digital assets.

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CUPPEpisode 2: Discussing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging with NCUA Chairman Todd Harper

Released July 20, 2022 | Explore with NCUA Chairman Todd Harper what diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) means, how the NCUA is adopting initiatives to promote DEIB and why it’s critical to your institution and the credit union community.

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CUPPEpisode 1: Lobbying 101 with NAFCU's Greg Mesack

Released July 6, 2022 | Learn more about lobbying and what exactly NAFCU does when we’re advocating to level the playing field on behalf of credit unions.

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About the Host

Ann Kossachev, Director of Regulatory Affairs Ann Petros was named Vice President of Regulatory Affairs in October 2021. In her role, Petros oversees NAFCU’s advocacy to federal agencies, including the National Credit Union Administration, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Petros joined NAFCU in June 2016 as a regulatory affairs counsel and was promoted to senior regulatory affairs counsel in June 2018.