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The Looming Government Shutdown


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How to Begin the Search for a Mortgage Subservicer on the Right Foot

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Cyber Threat Intelligence: The Key to Threat Surveillance

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Credit Union Leadership Insight

Sept-Oct TNJ Cover

The NAFCU Journal

The NAFCU Journal bimonthly magazine covers credit union operations, technology, marketing and other issues of interest to credit union management and staff.
Managing and Leading Well

Managing and Leading Well

NAFCU CEO Dan Berger and COO Anthony Demangone provide today's credit union leaders with the blueprint for becoming more effective, inspiring greater teamwork, and taking their credit unions to the next level in this practical and straightforward management and leadership book.
The Credit Union Director Handbook

Credit Union Director Handbook

Written by NAFCU's EVP/COO Anthony Demangone, the Credit Union Directors Handbook delivers comprehensive, easy-to-search information to help credit union volunteers perform their leadership role to the best of their abilities.
Credit Union Merger & Acquisition Handbook

Credit Union Merger & Acquisition Handbook

Written by former NAFCU chair and current CEO of Webster First Federal Credit Union Mike Lussier, this book will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to successfully complete a merger from start to finish. If you’re considering this option for your credit union then you need to know what it takes to merge properly.


NAFCU Compliance Monitor

Compliance Monitor

Bi-Monthly member-only enewsletter providing information on the latest credit union compliance topics, including discussion and analysis of regulatory changes, compliance deadlines and comprehensive Q&A.

BSA Blast

Quarterly member-only enewsletter offering an overview of credit union compliance issues and industry activity concerning the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations.
NAFCU Compliance Cyber Cafe

Compliance Cyber Café

NAFCU's member-only periodic enewsletter offering information on specific compliance updates and the latest cyber security issues from the perspective of a compliance officer.

NAFCU Credit Union Compliance 101: Building Blocks for Compliance Skills

This member-only manual provides links to useful resources such as guidance documents, and tips for excelling in key job functions for credit union compliance officers like compliance risk management, compliance research and writing skills.
NAFCU Book of Answers

Credit Union Compliance Book of Answers

A NAFCU member-only document that categorizes past credit union regulatory compliance Q&As from NAFCU's Compliance Monitor.

NAFCU's Credit Union Compliance Roadmap

NAFCU’s Credit Union Compliance Roadmap is a must-have, electronic resource designed to assist credit unions professionals as they navigate a complex regulatory environment.

Legislation & Regulation

NAFCU Regulatory Alert

Proposed Regulation

Member-only resources containing important highlights and summaries for proposed rulemakings that affect credit unions.
NAFCU Final Regulation Summary

Final Regulation Summaries

Member-only resources containing important highlights and summaries for final rulemakings that affect credit unions.

CU Data & Research

NAFCU Report on Credit Unions

NAFCU's report to the Federal Reserve detailing the latest issues and trends affecting credit unions and the impact of Fed actions.
Economic & CU Monitor

Economic and CU Research Enewsletter

NAFCU's Economic and CU Monitor is a NAFCU member-only monthly report of the latest macroeconomic and financial trends affecting today's credit unions, including trend data among NAFCU member credit unions.
CU Industry Trends Quarterly Report

CU Industry Trends Quarterly Report

A member-only quarterly report of credit union trends from membership to loan growth as well as cost of funds data, both at the industry level and broken down by state, region, and asset size.
CU Performance Benchmark and Operating Expense Reports

CU Performance Benchmark and Operating Expense Reports

Individualized quarterly benchmark reports based on your credit union's data, including Key Financial Ratio Analysis (KFRA) and Operating Expense Analysis (OEA).
 Macroeconomic Data Flash Reports

Macroeconomic Data Flash Reports

The latest data and a summary analysis illustrating the most recent trends that impact your credit union
 Salary Comparison Report

Salary Comparison Report

An annual report with data compiled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics spanning across industries, allowing you to view salary ranges for select positions, as well as historical median pay and growth rates in your state or metropolitan statistical area. Open to NAFCU member credit union CEOs.
Credit Union Tax Exemption Study

Credit Union Federal Tax Exemption Study

Economic benefits of the credit union tax exemption to consumers, businesses, and the U.S. economy. Updated in September 2021.

CECL Study: Alternatives, Impacts, Accuracy, and Complexity

The results of this study quantify the pros and cons of five data-tested models, and will help you determine the best course of action for your credit union's CECL implementation.

Products & Services

2022 Vendor Directory

Credit Union Vendor Directory

A valuable resource compiled annually to assist credit union executives in identifying, locating and sourcing credit union suppliers, their products and services.