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5 small-biz leadership habits we can all adopt

small bizTomorrow marks Small Business Saturday, a day we celebrate and support our local small businesses and all they do for our communities.
For those who own and operate a small business, you fully understand that being in charge isn't always easy. Here are five traits and habits I came across that I hope can boost your leadership skills as you are celebrated tomorrow. This list includes:

  1. Be honest. Honesty, especially when dealing with the logistics of running a small business, is always the best policy.
  2. Surround yourself with the smartest people in the room. True leaders are aware of their shortcomings and fill those needs through the people around them.
  3. Delegate. Learn to let go and hold those around you accountable.
  4. Communicate – two ways. A leader usually does a lot of talking, but part of communicating (a very important part) is listening.
  5. Plan. Work out your short- and long-term plans for your business – even down to necessary office supplies. 

Whether a small-business owner, owner of a large organization or the financial institution responsible for making entrepreneurs' dreams come true, these five tips should be adopted by all leaders so our organizations can continue to grow and thrive.
I hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. I encourage you to support the nation's small businesses tomorrow.
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