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Mar 04, 2022

6 Traits That Help Produce Great Leaders

Over the past week, we have witnessed leaders on the world stage utilize the power of their positions for both good and evil. As Russia continues to wage war with Ukraine, we stand strong with the Ukrainian people in these devastating times.

Whether you’re running a country or a small business, those in leadership positions can easily stray from the great qualities that leaders should have. Furthermore, it can become difficult to recognize where we can improve in our skills as we can tend to comply with our own personal styles. It’s critical to recognize that there is always room for improvement, and these skills can be found in many great leaders living among us.

In a recent article, Lolly Daskal discusses six important skills that separate good from great leaders. These include:

  • Embracing feedback

As a leader who wants to change for the better, it’s important to welcome feedback from others with open arms.

  • Showing empathy

Showing empathy to those you lead is one of the most important qualities for leaders because it shows strength from within and the ability to step into the shoes of others. 

  • Speaking truth

The truth will always come up to the surface. So, when sharing news with those in your organization, honesty and transparency go the longest way.

  • Admitting mistakes

Owning up to your mistakes is one of the most overlooked qualities in a leader. All leaders make mistakes, but it takes a great one to admit it and take responsibility for their actions.

  • Seeking support

By seeking support from others, you are saying that you value their input. People want to feel valued and as a leader it’s important to let them know that their voice is important.

  • Leading from within

It’s easy to put yourself in a “leadership style” box – but take yourself out of it. Rather, look at ways where you can evolve from the already incredible traits you have as a leader.

Great leaders admit there is room for improvement. It’s important to reflect on those qualities that make you the person you are, but it’s even more important to recognize ways to become a better version of yourself for yourself and those you lead. And if you’re like me, say a little prayer for the people of Ukraine.

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