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Jun 25, 2021

7 tips to become a high-impact manager

 At times, managing a team can seem daunting or an intimidating task that requires the right tools. A good manager will know the importance of holding regular 1:1 meetings and providing honest performance-based feedback, but to be a great manager there are several finer points to master.
First Round Review offers these 7 top-line tips to help good managers become high-impact managers.

  • Empower your team to act like an owner: Give your team the opportunity to try things they otherwise may not have the opportunity to try.
  • Be vulnerable and self-aware: Bring your whole-self to work, and shed your more stoic “work persona.” 
  • Turn into a trusted thought partner: Strike the balance between excelling at the basics and juggling new ideas that make a splash.
  • Lead with empathy – always: Know when to tap into your empathetic side to resolve issues that may arise on your team.
  • Challenge folks with kindness: When approached with care, feedback nudges team members closer to their career goals.
  • Celebrate and up-level the small moments: For each big achievement, there are dozens of smaller touchpoints along the way worth cheering for. 

Keep an eye on long-term growth: Strong leaders understand that great teammates will move on to new opportunities, and it is an opportunity for them to help direct reports achieve their long-term goals.
Great management takes works, and it's a combination of several qualities and skills that will ultimately make you successful. Most importantly, it is a commitment to your team, their success, and their growth.
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