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Jun 04, 2021 by B. Dan Berger

7 ways leaders can positively influence their team


Establishing trust is critical for aspiring leaders, and especially important to being an effective leader. Trust can be established through positively impacting the lives of your team.
Three Star Leadership offers seven tips for leaders looking to more positively influence their team:

  • Let Them be Human: Leaders should encourage their teams to enjoy activities and hobbies outside of the office. Also, people make mistakes, and leaders should know that is okay. 
  • Protect Them: When you lead, you’re responsible for your team. Treat them with respect, value their time, and be understanding.
  • Treat Them Fairly: Leaders are responsible for treating their employees with fairness, and consequences should match the behavior. 
  • Help Them Grow: Work to help your team develop their competence and confidence.
  • Help Them Find Purpose: It is important that leaders explain the importance behind the teams’ work. 
  • Give Them Control: Leaders let their team members make their own decisions, ensure they have the resources they need, and ask how you can help.
  • Set the Example: Leading by example is more powerful than you realize. If you want honesty, tell the truth. If you work hard, they will work hard. Take responsibility, and so will they. 

Every leader should end their days knowing that they positively touched the lives of their team and earned their trust. This is a mark of true leadership. 
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