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Sep 09, 2022

Bringing out the best in people

If you look back to a great boss, coach, or teacher from your past, you recognize a common pattern. All of these leaders constantly pushed you to work harder and become the best version of yourself. Have you ever thought about how you can improve your leadership skills to lift up those in your organization?

I came across a recent blog post by Frank Sonnenburg that highlights what it takes to truly bring out the best in those we lead, including:

  • seeing the goodness in others;
  • making people feel good about themselves;
  • being enthusiastic for other’s achievements;
  • encouraging personal responsibility;
  • being an exemplary role model;
  • helping people grow;
  • telling it like it is;
  • setting high expectations;
  • promoting positive change;
  • boosting self-confidence;
  • encouraging self-reliance
  • remaining open-minded;
  • being tolerant;
  • demonstrating your loyalty; and
  • keeping people on the straight and narrow path.

This list certainly isn’t breaking the mold, but as a leader, intentionality matters and it’s important to continually reflect and practice what we preach. By practicing the above skills and learning to lift others up, you will be able to truly bring out the best from those in your organization. In the process of doing so, Sonnenburg also highlights that these practices will help bring out the best in YOU as well.

So, next time you’re planning a meeting, use these pointers to help elevate your employees’ mindset and performance.

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