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Feb 17, 2023

Constructive feedback: How to deliver it with tact and meaning

For years, studies revealed that constructive feedback is critical to the successful evolution of professionals in every industry. However, researchers have found that although we recognize the usefulness of feedback, it can sometimes be difficult to find ways to deliver it in a positive and beneficial way.

A recent article in Forbes offers leaders a few ways to handle giving feedback to employees and how to think of constructive criticism as an art of communication rather than just a professional task. 

As leaders, it’s important to be direct and specific when giving constructive feedback. Providing feedback to your employees one-on-one is the best route to address actions head-on and can lead to a helpful discussion about the task at hand. When mistakes or opportunities arise, have that conversation right away to reduce anxiety and promote clarity. 

Constructive feedback should also focus on actions and not people. The point of the conversation should be to help your employees better understand what you’re expecting in a work product or how to improve a plan, not their personalities. Constructive criticism should never be personal and should always provide direction to ignite positive change within your teams. 

It’s also important that leaders be open to feedback from your employees. Respected leaders welcome feedback because they recognize the importance and the power it yields.

Speaking of feedback

I encourage you to submit your credit union’s feedback on the CFPB’s recent credit card late fees proposal, which would drastically reduce the current safe harbor of credit card late fees to $8 and could limit credit availability for your members. 

NAFCU has flagged the potential consequences of this rulemaking and on numerous occasions called on the CFPB to follow their obligations to convene a panel under the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act (SBREFA) to consider the impact of the rule on small entities.

Take this survey to support NAFCU and its advocacy to push back on the bureau’s proposal. The feedback provided by the survey is critical to NAFCU’s efforts of providing a robust response to the proposal. We look forward to sharing your voice with lawmakers and the CFPB.

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