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How to lead with a purpose and mission: Make it personal

BergerWhen you lead an organization, the mission – the reason that organization does what it does – is paramount to its success. For us at NAFCU, our mission is simple: to strengthen credit unions. And it is our core values – passion, excellence and being member-driven – that make living up to our mission possible. It's our culture.
Because we are member-driven, everything we do is for our credit union members. Every decision we make, every conference we host, every training session we create is all done through the lens of what our members want and need. This is why at the beginning of every year we provide our members with the priorities we will adhere to in order to ensure they have the regulatory and legislative environments necessary for them to grow and thrive.
Sometimes this makes our organization look different than others – but none of that matters when we are standing firmly with our members and fighting for their best interests. Different or not, you can't go wrong by listening and heeding the direction of your core membership.
Credit unions have a choice as to their representation before policymakers in Washington. This isn't lost on us. In turn, we invest in them by providing the resources, connections and results needed to keep the industry growing.
We take federal advocacy, education and compliance to a new level of service, passion and excellence. To us, it's personal.
I encourage you to develop this same kind of personal touch when it comes to understanding, developing and implementing your organization's mission. You can't lose by prioritizing your members above all else. Make it personal.
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