Berger Leadership Blog

Jul 02, 2021

How managers can create a healthy working environment

danarticle by Art Petty helps guide managers as they work to create a healthy working environment to form a high-performing team.

  • Create manager role clarity with team members: Ask team members what they need from you, and work to help them in their role.
  • Pursue rapid time-to-trust: Give your teammates your trust from the start of your working relationship.
  • Define clear rules for success: Engage your team to define what it means to be a part of the group, and put clarity around expectations and desired behaviors.
  • Create connectivity to the bigger picture: Provide information that creates a connection between what you and your team members do and the bigger picture.
  • Create comfort with feedback in 3 directions: Good working environments occur when quality feedback flowing in every direction, and performance increases when feedback flows horizontally between team members.

While many managers may overlook the importance of building a healthy work environment, it is key to a successful team. The best managers will work tirelessly to create this.
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