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Jul 08, 2022

How to ‘show up’ for yourself and for others

As leaders, it can become easy to stick to a routine because it seems comfortable. But, have you ever thought about pressing the ‘reset’ button on your day-to-day life and setting some out-of-the-ordinary goals for yourself and for your organization?

In one of his recent blog posts, Dan Rockwell explains what “choosing how to show up” exactly means, and why us leaders should care.

First of all, he defines choosing to show up for others and what that ends up looking like, compared to the opposite. By envisioning this future for yourself as a leader, you’re visibly showing up as your most aspirational and best self:

  • Instead of feeling like you’re a puppet being controlled by someone else, you’re influencing your own environment;
  • Instead of going places you don’t want to go, you’re living with intention and direction;
  • Instead of drifting through opportunities, you’re moving with authenticity and controlling things within your control; and
  • Instead of considering circumstances and people enemies, you’re focused on active engagement and seeking opportunities with them.

After reading Rockwell’s blog post, I felt a shift in my own perspective that was positive and enlightening. As we navigate the world together, be sure to set attainable goals and learn to take the time to not only show up for those in your organization, but also for yourself.

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