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Jun 17, 2022

Leading with SPINE

As leaders, we tend to balance different voices of influence both inside our minds and from outside sources. As leaders, though, it is also our duty to be able to use these influences to help us make informed decisions –while trying to ignore the unnecessary, negative voices that hold us back, and listen to our gut.

According to a recent SmartBrief article by John Baldoni, he talks about “Leading with Spine,” or in other words, maintaining a moral backbone while making decisions. One can look to famous leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and more for examples on leading with spine.

To simplify this concept, Baldoni highlights the SPINE acronym, which includes:

  • Strength through standing up for what we believe in and acting on those beliefs;
  • Principle by remaining upright in the face of adversity and understanding the roots of our beliefs;
  • Integrity through telling the truth and holding ourselves and others accountable;
  • Nurture by shifting our focus onto the development of others in our organizations; and
  • Energy by remaining engaged and creating movement for our organizations through opportunities.

By focusing our leadership on the five principles of SPINE, we can help teach and support those in our organizations to be fully prepared for all types of experiences. By implementing these qualities into our daily work life, we will help create an open work environment that mimics the secret behind spine: trust. By “stiffening the spine,” we can lead our organizations through the most challenging and rewarding experiences by listening to our moral compasses and doing what we do best.

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