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Jan 05, 2018

Setting and meeting your 2018 goals


A new year provides a fresh start and a clean slate, and is often the time when resolutions and goals are established. If you are in the process of setting new goals - as I am -€“ know that with an open mindset, achievement of all your goals is possible.

"Goals provide clarity," writes Mareo McCracken, revenue leader of Movemedical. He explains that goal setting is about "combining the fortitude to achieve with clear thinking, while making sense of your purpose and defining your ability to deliver value to others."

However, goal setting and achieving also requires faith -€“ or believing and hoping in something you can't see yet or that doesn't quite exist. For many of us, the No. 1 reason we don't achieve our goals is because we lack belief in ourselves and our abilities. I encourage you to read an article by contributor Benjamin Hardy that details the importance of having this kind of faith in yourself and delivers some tips on how to achieve your goals.

If your goals are set, McCracken provides three ways to apply your goals, including:

  1. Use goals to slow down. He explains that making the right choices requires us to slow down.
  2. Use goals to understand your emotions. "The key to transforming feelings into goals, and goals into action is learning how recognize your emotions," he writes.
  3. Use goals as motivation. Don't wait for motivation to kick in -€“ use your goals to motivate you into action.

While uncertainties exist in any new year, your goals can help you rise above challenging situations and allow you to stay focused on what really matters. I look forward to this new year and meeting new goals; I hope you all find success in 2018.

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