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Aug 19, 2022

Two Breakthrough Questions for Leaders

As organizational leaders, it can seem easier to resort back to old habits as we get hit with different issues and tasks every day. This response, while natural, may not be best for you or your team in the long run. This post in Dan Rockwell’s Leadership Freak blog highlights two breakthrough questions we can ask ourselves (and our employees) to help us let go of old habits and change the way we think, including:

1. Who is better off? Pessimists or optimists.

Rockwell explains that optimists perform better when growth and advancement are in mind, whereas pessimists perform better when safety and security are in mind. Although both have their benefits, Rockwell believes that “grounded optimism” works best. This can be achieved through seeing the reality of situations, believing you can make a difference, and working to make things better.

2. Who is better off? Complainers or solution-seekers.

Rockwell’s next breakthrough question revolves around the difference between complainers and problem-solvers. In this case, people can use their complaints as excuses to not complete tasks. To solve this issue, Rockwell offers a few tips for those who are prone to complaining, including monitoring the frequency of your complaints, keeping a journal, asking yourself how you might work to improve, and more.

As leaders, we get to decide what types of qualities we want to showcase at the end of the day. By identifying issues and tasks as opportunities for growth, we will be able to change ourselves and those around us for the better, creating the most efficient organizations possible that grow in times of distress.

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