Compliance Blog

Nov 23, 2007

Additional Research Tools

Much like that turkey/stuffing/cranberry sandwich that is scheduled for consumption this afternoon, there are certain websites that are "old favorites" of the Compliance Guy.  Here are a few.

  • This site lists all of the Federal Reserve's Regulations. B, D, E, M, Z, and CC are all here.  And when you click on a particular regulation, it takes you to another page which gives you the choice to read the regulation, recent amendments, or current proposals to alter the regulation.  Good stuff, people.
  • This site is a good starting point for the Federal Register.  This one lists all of the Federal Registers for this year.  You can even use this site to get daily Federal Register notifications.  (The Compliance Guy has never found the last one to be all that useful.)
  • Here is where the Compliance Guy starts his UCC research.  This free service, however, does not include  "Official Comments."  After each UCC code section, the drafters also penned the Official Comment, which describes what they tried to accomplish in a particular section.  It also gives examples and even an occasional historical perspective.  When I need to dig deeper, I turn to book or manual with these comments.
  • NCUA's Regulations, Legal Opinions and Laws page is also wonderful.  From this page, I often jump to the Proposed Regulation and Recent Final Regulation pages. 
  • Finally, this page will take you to the FFIEC's HMDA website.  If you have any HMDA-related question, this webpage will contain the answer.  Somewhere.

Have a great weekend!