Compliance Blog

Nov 05, 2010

This and That...

Posted by Anthony Demangone

We made it to the weekend, everyone.  Feel free to congratulate yourselves. Given today's regulatory climate, I always celebrate the completion of another work week. (Because each Monday, I usually wonder how I'm ever going to get through everything on my to-do list!)

Here are a few items of note.

  • NCUA has released the agenda for its free indirect lending webinar.  Scheduled for November 9, it will cover indirect lending background and statistics, red flags, case studies and lessons, best practices, guidance and references.  If your credit union does indirect lending, you have to watch this thing.  And here's why: this isn't just any old organization making a presentation.  This is the regulator talking about its own rules and expectations.  In addition, the question and answer portion of these NCUA webinars are always fruitful.  You may not like the taste of the fruit, but they are fruitful nonetheless.
  • NCUA has issued Letter to Credit Unions 10-CU-22 to highlight and describe its new Merger Partner Registry. If you have questions on how the registry will work and/or how to take advantage of it, this is the document to consult first.
  • NCUA has produced a share insurance widget that credit unions may install on their websites, blogs, or other internet-related thingamajobs, which will direct consumers to NCUA's new share insurance campaign. 

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Even you Wildcat fans.