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Operations Jan 14, 2008

Background checks for employees; Run, Tom, Run

Garen Dodge penned this article on what employers should think about when conducting background checks for employees.  There's some interesting stuff in here, such as:

However, the FCRA does not apply if the employer conducts background checks internally - such as where interviews are conducted directly by employees of the human resources department. For example, a reference verified by the employer - rather than by an outside company retained for this purpose - is not subject to the statute.

The article does a nice job of walking through all the relevant legal issues.   Good stuff, people.  Good stuff.


The Compliance Guy was watching a film with Tom Cruise this weekend.  In the movie, Tom Cruise spent some time running at full speed.  Which movie, you may ask?  It doesn't matter.  I challenge you to think of a movie in which Mr. Cruise does not sprint at some point.  Seriously.  Just try it.

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