Compliance Blog

Jan 12, 2011

A Busy Year

Posted by Anthony Demangone

Not too long ago, I shared my general outlook for 2011.   That post dealt more with general trends.  But we do expect some specific things.  Regarding NCUA, look out for the following in 2011.

  • Regulations on interest rate and concentration risks.  If you've been keeping up with the Material Loss Reviews issued by NCUA's Office of Inspector General, you already know that concentration risk has played a huge role in credit union failures.  And that risk affects more than just credit unions.  I was at a meeting recently where an OTS and OCC official both agreed that concentration risks played a role in every major bank failure as well.
  • Member business lending. Rather than a major overhaul, look for NCUA to incorporate guidance documents into the regulation.
  • CUSOs.  NCUA will ramp up its focus on CUSOs, and they may seek examination authority.
  • Examinations.  NCUA will overhaul its examiner's manual.  This is one process to track closely.  In my view, the examiner's manual is a massive guidance document that can affect your operations and NCUA examinations.  For that reason, it is very important to see how they change it. 
  • This and That.  NCUA may also overhaul its investment rule (Part 703) and it may direct examiners to review new credit union products/services at each exam. 

Keep in mind that we can't say for certain that NCUA will act on any one of these issues.  But based on our conversations with NCUA officials, these are some of the areas of interest.  Stay tuned!