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Jan 19, 2012

A Different Look at the Republished Regulations

Written by Steve Van Beek

With all the discussion of the CFPB's republishing of the consumer regulations, I thought it would be a good idea to also highlight some of the regulations that did not transfer to the CFPB.  

In December, we discussed how NCUA would retain Truth in Savings - Part 707 for credit unions.

There are also quite a few Federal Reserve regulations that did not transfer to the CFPB.  The rationale being that these regulations do not implement the "enumerated consumer laws" and, thus, didn't fall under the CFPB's authority.  

Here is a list with links to some of the Federal Reserve regulations that did not transfer to the CFPB:

Keep in mind that the Federal Reserve retains control over these regulations.  Thus, if there is a rule change to Regulation CC, for example, it would come from the Federal Reserve.


One of the gifts that Dodd-Frank gave to all credit unions is the need to look to another regulator for regulatory changes.  Which means we have another regulator that, unfortunately, does not have the ability to view the comprehensive regulatory burden put on credit unions by the various regulators.