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Operations Jan 02, 2008

Does your credit union have a blog policy?

I write a blog for NAFCU.  I have friends in the business that write blogs.  Everyone seems to have a blog.   Importantly though, does anyone in your credit union write a blog?  And do you have a policy that addresses it?

Here's a good article published in the Metropolitan Corporate Counsel that discusses the benefits of having a workplace blog policy.  The article notes that people blog about anything and everything.  Such as...

"(I)magine a blogger spreading completely speculative rumors that a recently promoted colleague got the job by performing sexual favors for the boss. Conversation that shouldn't go unaddressed in the workplace can be extremely difficult to curb when it occurs anonymously in cyberspace."

Or how about this?

"Imagine an employee with a disability who is accommodated with a modified work schedule in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The employer has properly responded to inquiries about the arrangement by saying only that the company is handling the individual's situation in accordance with federal law. A blogger complains that the 'slacker' is being allowed to come and go as he pleases while the rest of the department suffers for it and speculates about the person's possible medical condition."

Ultimately, the decision on whether to have such a policy is a business decision.  The article, however, is a useful read that may get you thinking.

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