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Jan 23, 2013

Effective Dates for New Mortgage Regulations: The CFPB and "Issue Dates"

Written by Steve Van Beek

With all the new regulations, I thought it would be useful to list the effective date of each new regulation along with a link to the corresponding regulation page on the CFPB's website.


CFPB and "Issue Date."  The CFPB likes to make up its own rules.  Including their recent announcement that their rules are considered "issued" when they are posted on the CFPB's website rather than the normal Administrative Procedure Act timeframe of when the rules are published in the Federal Register.  

Well, as chance would have it, the CFPB's mortgage rules are slated for publication in the Federal Register for the following dates:

The other regulations will be in the Federal Register at an even later date.  

Why does this matter?  The CFPB gave 12 months (and sometimes less) from the "issue date" to implement the majority of the new requirements.  Because the CFPB considers the "issue date" as the date of publication on the CFPB's website - rather than publication in the Federal Register - your credit union will have less time to comply with the final rules.  

Summary.  If the CFPB would have followed the normal Administrative Procedures Act process, your credit union would have 12 months - from the date of publication in the Federal Register - to comply.  

Unfortunately, Dodd-Frank gave the CFPB very strict deadlines for issuing their final regulations and the CFPB chose to alter long-standing rulemaking practices instead of using its exemption authority (like it did for other Dodd-Frank requirements) to ease the impact of these regulations.