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Jun 13, 2008
Categories: Advertising

Email Signatures; Das Photos

Many credit unions (and NAFCU for that matter) use the email signature area to market products and services.  But here's a thought: how many have reviewed their email signature for compliance with Regulation Z, Truth in Savings, and NCUA's advertising requirements? 

It seems to me that an email signature that promotes a savings or loan product would qualify as an advertisement.  Regulation Z contains no exceptions whatsoever for its advertising requirements.  TIS has some exceptions for certain advertisements, as does NCUA's advertising rules.  I haven't gone through the entire analysis in my head yet, but I think it is something worth thinking about.  And how many of you compliance gurus review signature lines of a marketing nature before they go final?


OK, you wanted wedding photos. Here they are! 

Have a great weekend, everyone!