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Jan 04, 2012
Categories: Operations

NLRB Notice; NCUA Webpages on Corporates & NGN Program

Written by Steve Van Beek

Below are a pair of items for your Wednesday morning.

NLRB Notice.  The National Labor Relations Board has pushed back the deadline for providing the required notice.  Here is from their website:

"As of April 30, 2012, most private sector employers will be required to post a notice advising employees of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. (The original effective date was postponed.) The notice should be posted in a conspicuous place, where other notifications of workplace rights and employer rules and policies are posted. Employers also should publish a link to the notice on an internal or external website if other personnel policies or workplace notices are posted there."

Information on the rationale behind the postponement is here.  If your credit union is ready, it is probably best to provide the notice now and move on to the next compliance challenge.  We've discussed the NLRB notice requirement in a previous blog post.


NCUA Webpages on Corporate Resolution & NGN Program.  Last week (and last year), NCUA announced two new webpages that provide additional information on the Corporate Resolution Costs and the NCUA Guaranteed Notes (NGN) Program.  The announcement is here.  

Each page also contains additional links on the right-hand side with more detailed information.