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Pandemics and Telecommuting; The Diet

NCUA and FFIEC guidance requires credit unions to plan accordingly for the effects of pandemics on their operations.   Many credit unions have indicated that they will utilize telecommuting in some form to help cope with pandemics.  But is the communications network up to the challenge?

Read a NAFCU Today article here that highlights the release of a detailed study on this issue.  From the story, NAFCU members will be able to download the study.   The study provides base assumptions and best practices for IT professionals, telecommuters, and the general public.

For those tasked with pandemic planning, it is a must read.  And if I could write poetry, I would write a poem describing how much I love people who are willing to share best practices.  (Oh, why not.)

Oh, best practices!
How I love thee, you  make
My job easier, by far


Current Weigh Loss:  7.4 pounds. 
Needs to Lose: 62.6.
Days until Wedding: 122.
Current Estimated Odds of Success:   1,000 to 1

Dieting is not complicated.  But it is very, very difficult.  Much like dealing with the affiliate marketing rule. 

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