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Feb 28, 2012

Streamlining Tool; Maturity Limits & Regulatory Review; March Madness

Written by Steve Van Beek

The CFPB's overdraft inquiry (more on this tomorrow) pushed back a couple of items I wanted to discuss.

CFPB's Streamlining Tool.  A couple of weeks ago, the CFPB announced their web-based streamlining tool.  If your credit union has one or two issues you'd like to raise - this is a good format as you wouldn't need to send a formal comment letter.  The web-based streamlining tool is here.

NCUA Opinion Letter.  In mid-February, NCUA made public an Opinion Letter on maturity limits for modified mortgage loans.  The letter is very detailed and includes examples.  The letter is also hard to summarize.  The best approach is to review the complete letter - 11-0903.

NCUA's Reg Review.  The letter interprets 12 C.F.R. 701.21(g) which is one of the sections under NCUA's current regulatory review.  This looks like a perfect place for NCUA to provide clarity in the regulation rather than requiring credit unions to:

  • Know the existence of this legal opinion letter;
  • Be able to find this opinion letter;
  • Properly understand the complicated letter; and 
  • Ensure the legal opinion letter has not been superseded by another interpretation by NCUA.

By incorporating this letter into NCUA's regulations, NCUA would help credit unions and those working with credit unions find NCUA's interpretation for the maturity limits for modified mortgage loans.  It may seem counterintuitive, but incorporating the letter into the regulation eases the regulatory burden on credit unions.  


The language of the letter indicates NCUA has received multiple requests on the same issue.  There are undoubtedly numerous other credit unions who have had the same questions and concerns who may not have taken the formal approach of reaching out to NCUA.  

One of the things about guidance is that it exists somewhere on the internet.  With NCUA's recent approach to look at rules that are "outmoded, ineffective, insufficient or excessively burdensome", this opportunity is served up on a silver platter as NCUA could ensure its opinion was clear and easy for credit unions to find and understand by amending 12 C.F.R. 701.21(g) to reflect their interpretation on maturity limits for loan modifications.  


March Madness - D3 Edition.  March Madness usually starts a bit early in the Van Beek household as both my wife and I went to Division 3 schools.  She went to the College of Wooster in Ohio and I went to Hope College in Michigan.  Well, the Division 3 brackets were just announced and there is a possibility our alma maters could be facing off next Friday.  Each team would need to win two games but both teams are hosting their games this weekend.  And, both teams have a pretty good pedigree as Wooster finished runner-up for the championship last year and Hope is currently ranked #1 (you can find Wooster way down at #15).

Blog Readers:  If your teams are in - let's hear about your rooting interests in the blog comments (click the title of the blog post to go to the blog itself).  The full bracket can be found here.